TalentMine’s Next SAS Savvy Webinar – August 25th, 2016

Join us for the next TalentMine sponsored SAS Savvy training, on “To Impute or Not To Impute Average or Non-Missing Values.” The 30-45 minute webinar begins on Thursday, August 25th at 11:30am PST (2:30pm EST). In statistical analysis, often there is a need to impute values to have complete model cases. The criteria for determine to impute or not can be difficult to apply. Once a determination is made to impute values, exactly how to impute is the next major step. For non-missing records before and after the missing record, an average is calculated. For only one non-missing record, either before or after the missing record, the non-missing values are kept.

These webinars are normally only open to SAS Savvy members, but TalentMine guests can attend for free. Please contact us at (919) 838-1700 for more details.

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