TalentMine’s ‘June’ SAS Savvy Webinar – June 28th, 2017

Join us for the June session of TalentMine sponsored SAS Savvy training, on “Best of Both Worlds: Better Team Management and Higher Quality Deliverables.”  The 30-45 minute webinar begins on Wednesday, June 28th at 11:00am PST (2:00pm EST). Can you really have the best of worlds?  Are there methods for better team management so that everyone is on the same page and higher quality deliverables so that greater flexibility can be programmed to handle more complex requests?  Yes, you can have the best of both worlds.  Join me in this unique presentation on improving your project management skills as well as your advanced SAS programming skills to delivery high quality tables within budget.

These webinars are normally only open to SAS Savvy members, but TalentMine guests can attend for free.  Please contact us at (919) 838-1700 for more details.

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